Fourteen Somethings

Hello! I think this is the first time in years that I’ll be blogging this late in a month. So many things have happened since my last post and I’ve been busy with work and my Korean class that I barely have time for anything else. My laptop’s also acting weird for the past few weeks so spending time in front of my computer doesn’t come easy. Huhu. But I finally had some time last night to organize this post, yahoo.

My favorite blogger ever, Arriane the Wanderrgirl, proposes an idea of setting a theme for your year. Since I already have little goals listed, I only had to think of a “word” that encompasses everything I want to accomplish this year. And the first word that crossed my mind was INITIATE.

I think it’s a very fitting word for me, because I lack initiative. I’m lazy (and shy) as hell. There are so many things I want to accomplish but most of the time, I fail to move an inch. So this year, I want to take that first step, and keep on taking another step until I achieve what I want. And I really need to want it hard enough to motivate me.

I have 14 goals for this year, because it’s 2014. LOL. But really. It’s not a bucket list, because I think it’s too general to cross out each one. It sounds so many, but I always feel like there’s a ticking bomb I have to beat somehow. Also, I’m already 23, and I haven’t achieved something that I’m proud of. Sadly.

So here’s my over-the-top 2014 goals. I hope to achieve at least one. Dream high, butterfly. Heh.

Pretty much the cause of my quarter-life crisis last year, I just don’t know where I’m going in my life. Believe me, I understand how I can use my three years of experience in SEO to flourish in the field and maybe use it personally. But I’m always seeking for something more. I’m always wondering if I’ll ever get to be a ~writer~. Sometimes, I also miss teaching. I want to know and decide what I really want to be!

I can’t give up writing. I want to go back to teaching. And I don’t think I can ever escape SEO! So this year, I need to somehow find a way to make these three work together! It sounds impossible, but I’ll make it possible. I mean, you can’t be passionate about multiple of things and not find a way to practice all, right? So by the end of the year, I hope I’m no longer moping about my career. I’m sick of hearing myself be so whiny about things I can control. Continue reading


2013: A Recap


It’s sad to end 2013 in such a somber note when the rest of the year had been incredibly great to me.

This year was pretty challenging, because it was the year that I really questioned which direction I want my life to take. Do I want to be a SEO Specialist the rest of my life? Or to be a teacher? Or a writer that I’ve dreamed of since I was young? Or should I consider being a lawyer since that’s everyone but myself seems to want?

It’s the last day of the year, and I still have no answer to the question that bugged me from the very first day. There were actually nights when I cried myself to sleep, because I seem to be heading nowhere. Questioning one’s worth is not exactly the best feeling there is.

But despite my quarter life crisis, I was still happy. I’m surrounded by the most amazing family ever, and I have great friends, old and new. I have Alex. Even though I had low days, I have people who can immediately cheer me up. And it’s sad that I’ll end 2013 with one less important person in my life. It’s something that hasn’t sunk in yet, but hopefully, I’ll get there.

I used to wonder how it would feel to mourn while the rest of the world is high on holiday spirits. Now I know. I wish I still don’t, but here we are.


This year taught me to value my family a lot more than I did before. It also made me realize my role as a daughter, a sister, a cousin, etc. and the responsibilities that come with it. I may not be the oldest among us, but it doesn’t mean I can’t be an ate. I’ve been called bunso all my life, but this year taught me that being a bunso doesn’t mean I should just stand by the sidelines.

This year taught me to be a friend and a girlfriend. Reaching out has always been difficult for me. I don’t want to make my being an introvert as an excuse, so this year I really tried to show up. To have a listening ear and open arms to any friend who actually needs me. And even now, I get surprised to know that there are people who actually need someone like me. It’s great to let people in my life and to accept that I don’t always have to be alone.

I’m not a good person, and my temper often runs short. So I thank the people who put up with me, flaws and all. I thank them because they manage to tolerate my jokes. I say sorry to those who had been on the receiving end of my anger and the horribleness of my teasing.


This year I’ve been to many places and I’ve done a lot of things. But at the heart of it all, I’m most thankful to the people who’ve been with me. To the people I’ve encountered along this roller coaster ride, you’ve made my 2013 a lot more special.

I’ll start my 2014 missing someone. I’ll spend the rest of it cherishing every minute. From here on I’ll make sure to say I love you more often to the people who matter. Hugs will be easily given away, and touches will be shared.

I’m not exactly sure what I want to do in 2014. There are way too many things that are bugging me, and I doubt I’ll have a clear mind by the end of the week. But right now, I just want to be a better person. Life is definitely short, and by next year I just hope that I at least made it better for someone else other than myself.

My new year isn’t very happy, so I hope yours is a lot better than mine.

Hanoi Diary: Its People and History

It has been almost three months since my trip to Vietnam, but I’m not yet done blogging about it. I have a few more posts queued for posting, but I can’t seem to find the time to write it. I’ve been so busy with life lately that blogging about a trip that happened a few months ago doesn’t call out to me to hurry up and tell its story.

December is about to end, and the only thing I’m thinking of is how I’m going to fit my budget through all this Christmas shopping and monthly bills and expenses. But every now and then, I long to be on the road again, traveling to someplace foreign, or just someplace unfamiliar. On mornings that I feel grumpy, I miss the coffee I drunk in Hanoi for four days. On afternoons when I feel tired, I think of the sunset at Hoan Kiem Lake and yearn for that calmness again. On nights when I’m nostalgic, I wish to be on a plane heading to my next destination.

Tonight is one of those nights. Or maybe I just really want to finish all my Hanoi posts before the year ends.

IMG_8347 IMG_8368 IMG_8372 IMG_8374 IMG_8382 Continue reading

Christmas Wishlist 2014


I didn’t spend much on material stuff this year. Thus, this is probably my longest wishlist to date!

  1. White/Chambray button-down shirt – It’s on my list every year, wth. I need a thrift shop visit soon.
  2. Yellow Fujifilm Instax – Another one that’s on  the list every friggin’ year.
  3. Tohoshinki’s TONE and TIME tour DVDs – So expensive!
  4. Tablet – Any tablet really, as long as it has an expandable memory that I can fill with movies and ebooks.
  5. Platform white Chuck Taylors – Where can I buy one?!
  6. One Piece UNIQLO shirts – It’s no longer available in MOA! :(
  7. Tony Tony Chopper plushie – I love Chopper. ‘Nuff said.
  8. Bandage skirts – Or skater skirts. Whichever will do.
  9. Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl – Also, Neil Gaiman’s Ocean at the End of the Lane, Arthur Conan Doyle’s Complete Sherlock Holmes collection, and so much more.
  10. Fujifilm X-E2 – I NEED a new camera.
  11. Moleskin – Too effin’ expensive. Any notebook that can serve as a journal is okay. Hee.
  12. Ballet flats – A black and a red pair please.
  13. The Daykeeper 2014 – It’s a journal/datebook and it’s so pretty!
  14. Scholarship in Korea – I don’t knooooooow. I really really want it but so many objections lol.
  15. Brazilian Blowout or a Brazilian Keratin treatment, too. My hair needs to be saved from all the frizz. Heuheu.

It probably sounds selfish to still have a materialistic wishlist this year, but I can’t help it! It’s not like I’ll end up having all of these anyway. Most of the time, I only get 1/4 of the things I list down every year. And almost everyone of them I buy with my own money. I don’t mind, though. Wanting things makes me work harder, despite my constant complaints that I don’t like my job. Haha.

Also, I’m perfectly happy as it is. I won’t go moping around if I won’t have any of these in the next year. I mean, my family, friends and boyfriend are more than enough to be happy. I can travel from time to time, and I get to watch as many Korean dramas and movies, too! The only thing left I can really wish for is a career I can love. A career, not just a job. But I’m trying to take little steps to achieve that. This year is the most I’ve been writing, really writing, what I want since I graduated from high school.

Anyway, enough about me. What do you want for Christmas? :)

SpeedyCourse DAREs you to Create a Motivational Video and Win!


(November 19, 2013, Pasig City, Philippines) – SpeedyCourse is looking for young, creative minds to join DARE you to Learn? Video-Making Contest, which aims to promote the importance of learning and feature how help a person find learning opportunities. Deadline for submission of entries is on January 14, 2014. One team will win a grand prize of P50,000 in cash.

DARE You to Learn?

DARE (Discover. Achieve. Reach. Excel) You to Learn? Is SpeedyCourse’s first video-making contest. The contest aims to promote the importance of learning and how can help find learning opportunities. Continue reading