11 Obsessions of 2011

Back in college, I lied low from fangirl-ing to focus more on school (oh really) and my social life. But once I got out of school, I went back to the one thing I’m good at: obsessing! I’m a certified fangirl and I think everyone knows that already. I think 2011 was the year that I learned how to obsess over other things besides Korean boybands.

It had been such a good year for my obsessions that it would be a pity to not write about the things I obsessed over. I know I have a bunch of other things to write but this cannot wait. While my emotions are still running high, I present to you the things I went gaga for last year. I’ll start from the bottom to build up some suspense. Heh.

11. FOOD

You probably thought I’d be posting only about pretty boys, huh? But last year, food has taken over me. It controlled my life, my moods, and my actions. Food ruled my life and it’s still ruling my life. I’ve already mentioned quite a lot of times how much I gained weight last year, and it’s all thanks to my best friend, food!  I’m getting thinner (REALLLLY) but it doesn’t mean I’m losing my interest on food. I’m still its slave, and I don’t see it changing anytime, soon.

I stopped my 365 challenge last year when I realized that most of the photos I took were of food. Yeah.


I think it started last year? But I really cannot stop buying books! I’m actually implementing a book ban on myself for the next three months. I cannot buy another book until I read most of the books gathering dust on my bed. I have about 60+ unread titles! Told you, I just cannot stop buying, okay. I’ll try not to enter another Booksale because I often cannot say no when I see a book I like if it’s only P20 or less! But I still have tons I want to buy. Huuuuu.

Sigh. Nevertheless, 2011 had been a good year when it comes to reading. I succeeded in reading 52 books! Actually, it’s 53 but I’m still not sure if I’d include the graphic novel. Heh.


Ah. Ayessa already called me Imeldific. I, however, think that I’m still not that addicted to shoes. This year, I managed  to buy 3 pairs of doll shoes, 5 pairs of heels, and 3 pairs of sandals! Oh, and 3 pairs of flipflops because my shoes/sandals failed on me thrice. Mini Stop to the rescue! Anyway, I got a little addicted, okay. In my defense, most of the shoes I buy aren’t expensive at all! Only two pairs of heels exceeded 500! Sadly, I have more pairs I want to buy. Huhuhu. If only I were as rich as Imelda, then I wouldn’t even think twice of buying all the pairs I want. But no, I’m just Jane who can’t even buy TVXQ’s best selection album. Heh. I just want to say that.


It seemed to be the year of Kimi ni Todoke for me! I watched season 2 this season and fell in love with Kazehaya and Sawako. Argh. Their love story is perfect in my eyes! I also watched the movie twice and loved it the second time. (Read my spazz here.) Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. I end up reading the manga because it doesn’t seem enough to just watch the anime and movie. And guess what? I fell in love with their story more! I’ve already mentioned here everything I love about the two. But you see, Kimi ni Todoke isn’t just about love. It’s also about friendship and honesty and courage and personal growth.

I don’t think I’d ever see another fictional love story that’s as innocent and warm-hearted as theirs. Wait. Let me rethink that.


It feels awful to place Harry Potter on the 7th position! Don’t get me wrong, I’m still in love with the series. I don’t think I’d ever get tired of it. I truly think it will be one of the constant obsessions in my life. In fact, it’s already the longest and I don’t see myself stopping from loving the trio in the near future. It’s one of the things that I really want to pass on to my future kids but I swear I won’t impose it on them.

With the last movie premiering last year, it kind of felt like the end of Harry Potter. But I don’t think so. It’s one of the things that will never end. Yeah, that’s why I keep saying that the “magic will never end,” even when others are already saying that it’s the end of an era. No, no, no, no. It will always be Harry Potter’s era.


It seems that every year, there’s that one book series that will captivate me and leave me helpless and obsessed for a few weeks or months. This year, it’s A Song of Ice and Fire. Last year, it was Hunger Games.

It all started with the series Game of Thrones. I’m not exactly why I loved it so much. I guess I just got all emotionally attached to the Starks children that I end up loving the entire thing. Learning that the books are just as good, or even better, inspired me to read the series!  My entire October and November were spent on the series. NO REGRETS. GRMM is a genius for crafting such an epic tale. He created a world that has its unique sets of tradition, culture, ethics, etc. I am so glad that I decided to conquer my fear of reading the intimidating thick paperbacks. It’s quite hard to finish one but it’s definitely worth it! I’m now waiting for the paperback release of Dance With Dragons, and it’s the only exception for my book ban. Heh.

(gif by superstarohmygirl of tumblr)


THE GODS ARE BACK! It had been years since we last saw ChangMin and Yunho on stage, promoting their single. It’s nice that they are back to singing and just doing what they do best: being the best, of course. I know that there are two groups now, but I’m just happy that all of them are singing, still singing.

I know that we won’t see the 5 doing anything together anytime soon, but there’s nothing wrong with waiting, right? I may not be the fan that I was a few years ago but I still love them. They’re still the number 1 group in my heart, and I won’t let any group take their place. They’ve been my boys for the past 8 years and I don’t plan for that to change ever. I grew up with them. They were the only boys in my life during that stage when I didn’t even talk to boys in real life.

They will always be my boys. I cannot wait for the five of them to reunite, even if it’s not on stage.


When I started my Asian movie blog, I thought I’d end up watching and writing about too many South Korean movies. BUT NOOOO. I ended up getting addicted to Thai movies, especially GTH ones! Ate Karen gave me a copy of Hello Stranger and that’s the start of my love affair with Thai movies. Of all the movies I watched this year, Hello Stranger and SuckSeed (and maybe Love of Siam?) definitely made the most impact. I don’t really have a top 10 favorite movies, but if I had one, the two would definitely make the list.

Oftentimes, I find myself looking for new Thai movies to download! I spend way too many times on Thai movie blogs, just looking for good movies to watch. I kind of hate myself for getting late into Thai movies. I really, really hate myself for this.


OMG THIS MOVIE. I feel sorry for Ayessa for having me as an office seatmate. She was the often the receiving end of my spazzy SuckSeed rants. I changed my ringtones, wallpaper, playlist, etc. into SuckSeed-oriented ones. I recommend the movie to everyone, even those not asking for recommendations. I am not sure how many times I’ve watched it. Not counting the ones I spent watching it while screencapping my favorite parts. I think I’ve fully expressed my love for it when I filled my blog with so much SuckSeed posts. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, please watch it immediately!!!! It’s the best movie about high school that I’ve ever watched, okay. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little but I’m still in love with it. Yeah.

Also, Kao Jirayu was probably my number 1 celeb crush last year? I don’t knoooooow. I obsess so much that I have no way of assessing my level of obsessions for each one but Ayessa said that I wasn’t that obsessed with ChangMin.


I thought long and hard of whether I should include the YongSeo Couple on the list. It was only during the last week of December that I ended up loving them. But still. The emotions I felt while watching the We Got Married episodes of the Goguma couple were just as intense as the emotions I felt for the other TV shows/movies I watched and books I read last year.

I think my earlier post in my other blog about the YongSeo couple fully expressed my love for them. They made me laugh so hard, squeal so loud and cry so much. I think, of all my obsessions this year, Goguma Couple is the only one that made me cry. And when I say cry, I mean bawl like a baby. I just love Yong Choding and Seo JooHyun so much, okay. I’ve been memorizing the Banmal Song for the past three days (TAGAL) and I haven’t tried to memorize a Korean song since 2006. WHUT.

Right now, they’re probably just friends, but that doesn’t stop me from shipping them! I haven’t shipped anyone this hard. I am crossing my fingers that they end up really liking/loving each other. If they ever find it in their hearts to fall in love with someone else, then I’ll accept it. But with a heavy heart. I just want to see them end up together soooooo bad.

Sigh. I feel like I should say more about them! But I’m afraid the tears just might end up falling again. I’m thinking of watching it again, too. 60+ episodes, yo.

(photo credit)


SURPRISE! Say hello to my favorite Kdrama. The Kdrama that stabbed my heart a couple of times then threw it on the floor and stomped on it a few more times. That’s how I felt while watching City Hunter. It’s not a bad drama, it’s actually really good in my opinion. But I was such an emotional wreck while watching this movie. There were moments when I was on top of the world because of Kim Nana and Lee YoonSung. Then my emotions would suddenly plummet to the ground because of City Hunter’s heart-breaking scenes.

Heuk. It occupied my daydreams the entire time it was showing so I guess that’s two months? And maybe more after that. Every weekend, I’d be so excited to go home just so I could download the latest episodes. I would repeatedly read (I still do!) the Dramabeans’s City Hunter recaps after every episode because just watching it isn’t enough. I kept listening to the soundtrack and singing ‘Oh, it’s alright!’ randomly. Some people say that City Hunter is overrated but when did I ever listen to criticisms when it comes to things I love? Heh.

Every drama or movie or just anything I watched (oh, and even books!) after City Hunter suddenly failed in comparison, okay. I had a hard time moving on from this Kdrama. I was at a complete lost after finishing it. I just didn’t know what else to do. Suddenly, I do not know how to function in society without anticipating for a new City Hunter episode. Heh. Ah, have I told you how much I love this show? I’m not exactly sure if it should take the top spot of my 2011 Obsessions list, but I believe it deserves to be number 1.

This has been such a fun list to write! I always get overly hyper and emotional when I talk about the things I like. 2011 had been a pretty good year, indeed.

I am a happy fangirl, and I don’t want that to change this year or the year after and the year after that and so on.


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