2/52: A Matter of Faith


I once confessed to a friend that I really, really want to get closer to Him but I’m having a hard time. She told me that I’m probably not trying hard enough. I figured she’s right.

I’ve been struggling with my faith for so long that I often do not know what to do. But I’m getting closer inch by inch, but I still have a long way to go. There’s also that one little problem wherein I’m unsure if I could still call myself a Catholic despite attending church every Sunday. I’m glad that I talk to God everyday, but following Catholic rituals has been hard for me the past few years.

I sadly cannot talk to anyone about it.


5 thoughts on “2/52: A Matter of Faith

  1. I commend your desire to be closer to God. =) I’m sure, (and this is more important), that God is pleased by it too, and He’ll honor it. =) God bless you! (It’s okay if you can’t talk to anyone about it in the meantime, perhaps God wants you to talk to Him about it first?)

    Your post reminded me of this verse:

    “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” – Jeremiah 29:13 (NIV)

  2. Janey, di ako “Bible-Thumper”, pero just talk to God like talking to a friend. Hehe. Ganun ginagawa ko palagi. :)
    Di ko nakilala si God through my Christian Living classes (though that helped, plus studying in a Catholic, exclusive school for half my life), mas nakilala ko siya through life experiences.
    It will come in time. Wag magmadali. ;)

    • Baliktad ata nangyari sa akin eh. :( Kasi ~okay~ naman dati then biglang hala. :( Haha! Pero yeah, hindi ko minamadali kasi I know He has plans for me~ heehee :)

      Thanks, Raisza! ^^

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